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Aleksandra, Manager of the Academy Program – discussing aspects of professional life, growth, and inspiration.

Meet Aleksandra, manager of the Academy Program and discover her path at Global Wind Service

Ola, also known as Aleksandra, started her journey with Global Wind Service in December 2016, initially serving as a Training Coordinator at our Szczecin, Poland office.

After two years, she assumed the role of Training Team Lead. Following an additional two years, Ola was invited to contribute to the establishment and growth of the Global Wind Service Academy. Presently, she holds the position of Program Manager at our Academy.

When asked about her role, career progression, and the factors propelling her in her daily tasks, Ola shared the following insights:

What do you like most about your job?

“I like the fact that there is no “typical” working day. My work is spontaneous, unpredictable, and adventurous in the most positive way. We are always under development and aiming for progress. You are never bored when working at GWS and the possibilities for development are almost endless!”


You mentioned development – can you elaborate on that?

“Global Wind Service is a great place for people who are ambitious. I like working in a dynamic international environment where I can keep developing on both personal and professional level. The variety of tasks and positions within GWS is huge and provides a wide range of opportunities – everyone can find something suitable to keep them engaged and satisfied at work.”


For you, what makes Global Wind Service a good place to work?

Many things, but especially the two below:

Firstly - Flexibility – both when it comes to working conditions, hours, and place, but also in terms of approach as to how you do your job and solve your tasks.

Secondly – Trust – at the very beginning of employment we are granted trust by the management, and it is up to us if we are going to use it wisely. The superiors are not peeking over our shoulders administering every step we take. They trust us to do our best and if you need help you can always ask for assistance. In that way you can build your competences and gain confidence in work. Many companies have very much the opposite approach. 


What motivates and drives you in your daily work?

My biggest motivation is all the amazing people I work with on daily basis and challenging tasks we are assigned to accomplish together.

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