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Global Wind Service Academy signs agreement of cooperation with Maritime University of Szczecin

On May 30th, the collaboration between Global Wind Service Academy and the Maritime University of Szczecin (MUS) was formally established, uniting their efforts in a shared mission to facilitate knowledge dissemination within the wind industry among young individuals and contribute to the development of new specialists for the sector.

The official Letter of Intent was signed by University Rector Wojciech Ślączka and Head of Global Wind Service Academy Aleksandra Gajewska-Niemyt.

The agreement aims to use the experience and scientific output of Maritime University of Szczecin and the potential and position of Global Wind Service to further act in the field of:

  1. improving the quality of education in wind energy and related fields;
  2. preparing future graduates for deliberate planning of their professional career;
  3. coordinate joint activities related to cooperation between companies involved in the development of the wind energy industry in the broadest sense;
  4. to organize in agreement with the GWS, lectures and seminars for students focused on particular issues;
  5. cooperation in improving the professional qualifications of MUS and the GWS staff;
  6. the development of projects and modern wind energy technologies.

Commenting on the signing Head of Global Wind Service Academy, Aleksandra Gajewska-Niemyt said: “I’m very happy about this new cooperation and I look very much forward to getting started. The wind industry is growing rapidly, and we need more skilled colleagues, to be able to meet the demand. In Global Wind Service we believe cooperations like this are vital to create awareness about our industry and help make the programs even more relevant for wind industry entrants”.

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