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Global Wind Service Academy open Training Doors to All

Recognizing the increasing importance of wind energy in today's world, as well as the demand for skilled labor, we extend our expertise beyond GWS employees, offering cutting-edge training to aspiring professionals and experienced technicians seeking to enhance their skills.

The comprehensive range of technical skillsets covered in our GWO module-based trainings equips participants to excel in the wind energy industry: ”Our courses provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical, hands-on experience, aligning with the ethos of Global Wind Service. Our aim is not just to offer a certificate but to equip individuals with practical skills that elevate their performance “Aleksandra Gajewska-Niemyt, Head of GWS Academy said.

... Our aim is not just to offer a certificate but to equip individuals with practical skills that elevate their performance!

As a dynamic field experiencing rapid growth, the wind industry requires consistently updated and relevant training programs. At GWS Academy, we ensure our courses integrate real-world insights and lessons learned from our projects, allowing participants to acquire the invaluable hands-on experience that only continuous learning can provide.


With experienced instructors who bring a wealth of expertise gained from years of fieldwork, GWS Academy familiarizes participants with crucial industry skills. GWS Academy Instructor Aleksander Golda, one of our instructors, views teaching current and future colleagues as a privilege: “We maintain high standards to fully equip individuals for the demands of their jobs, personalized through smaller class sizes. GWS Academy thrives not just as a training center, but as a community that fosters connections and empowers careers. I feel extremely privileged to be part of that journey.


Our training courses are now open for booking.

If you want to book, just check our schedule and send us your request.

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